#Fatbikechat is on Tuesday, November 27th from 6-7pm mountain time.

What is #fatbikechat you ask? It’s a Twitter conversation about all things fatbikes, including, but not limited to: bikes, tires, gear, travels, trails, issues, events, feelings, thoughts, pros, cons…. Basically, anything you want to talk about regarding fatbikes.

This week we will start by discussing the explosion in fatbike racing. At last count, there are races virtually every weekend throughout the winter in the Midwest and many more throughout the country. I want to get on the following topics:

1. Will you race?

2. What race and why?

3. What are “reasonable” fees for fatbike races?

How does it work? All you need to do is log on to Twitter and follow along with #fatbikechat . Each time you respond, use #fatbikechat so the others know that you are responding and can communicate with you. I will moderate the discussion, so you should follow Mountain Bike Radio on Twitter!

When is it? The first #fatbikechat is going to go off on Tuesday, November 27th at 6:00pm mountain time. Stay tuned to Mountain Bike Radio on Twitter and Facebook to stay in the loop with the latest information. We’ll try it once every two weeks until we run out of energy. Last year it went for several weeks.

Who joins in?  We’ve had great participation so far this year! Everyone interested in fatbikes is welcome!

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